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What the Water Gave Me - Part 2
Panting coming from behind him, the sound of running paws. The wolves were back, giving chase and spurring on his feeble attempts at escape. Till was panting with effort, regretting his extended use of pipe tobacco for many years as he wove through the trees before the beach. If he could just make it that far. The wolves wouldn't be able to swim as fast as he could, and he might be able to drown the beasts to stop their torment permanently.
"Ahh!" Till's attention was gathered at feeling the heat of a wet snort of frustration at his bare leg from one of the wolves getting drastically close, pushing the older man on to run faster. The beach was drawing mercifully close, if only for the fact that once he hit the water the wolves would become clumsy and heavy with their wet pelts. Till glanced over his shoulder, digging hard with his legs at the sand since running on the beach was at times quite difficult from the constant shifting. The wolves' claws aided their efforts alon
:iconedgirl:Edgirl 3 1
What the Water Gave Me - Part 1
Frank lifted his head as the cabin door creaked open, a grin stretching across his face as he sat up and waited for Till to emerge. This morning was one of the thousands that they shared together, often starting with Frank sunning himself on his usual rock and Till coming to join him; still sometimes obliging the former with a story sang in a lovely bass-baritone. Today was different, Frank found as he observed the older man coming out of the cabin. Till fumbled slightly with his walking stick, cursing to himself and leaning against it as he walked cautiously to the beach. The spring in his step was gone, a slight hunch had placed itself in his back and made Till wince when he stayed in one position too long. Frank's face fell as he watched the older man, seeing him coming closer to the boulder and noticing more closely the beautiful silver tone that his longish hair had taken.
"Guten morgen, Bright Scales." Till smiled, though it was tired as he stripped out of his robe and lef
:iconedgirl:Edgirl 6 3
Bikes on Film
Dero abruptly stopped recording before whirling around, blush rising quickly to his cheeks as he saw Till standing on the porch in his bathrobe while looking perplexed.
"I'm starting to think you love your motorcycles more than me." Till arched his brows, calmly taking a sip out of his coffee and frowning.
Dero balked, putting the camera down on his bike's seat and quickly climbed the lattice covering of the porch; standing on the other side of the railing after getting his feet scooted under the gap in the wood. "Nonsense."
"You're going to fall." Till looked genuinely concerned, offering his arm out after moving his coffee further down the rail so it wouldn't be spilled. "Either climb down or come over."
"You worry too much, Papa Bear." Dero grinned, leaning forward and catching Till's face in his hands to hold him still for a kiss. "Mmh. You haven't even had a cigarette yet, you taste like coffee."
Till's expression relaxed as they kissed, ignoring the pet name Dero h
:iconedgirl:Edgirl 5 5
A Day in the Life
"Another beautiful day in Berlin with a hi-"
Oliver sighed and hit the alarm, gazing up at the ceiling and rubbing his eyes to help wake himself up. Saturday. Oliver smiled, grateful for the break since the Ahoi! tour had gone well; Till and Flake's accident aside. The segway normally went without problems, however at what ended up their last show Flake had accidentally crashed into Till and injured the latter's knee.
"Accidents happen. We could use the rest." Oliver sat up, letting out a soft 'oof!' as a set of small paws landed on his chest. "Morning, Kim."
"Meow!" Kim purred loudly and butted her head into his beard, swishing her slinky tail and kneading his shirt.
"Did you miss me?" Oliver asked, kissing between her ears and smiling as he picked her up to carry into the kitchen.
"Prrrrr." More kneads, Kim quickly settling in his arms as he stroked.
"I think seafood delight for you," Oliver put her down, going into the pantry and retrieving a can of food, "and an egg for me."
Kim pu
:iconedgirl:Edgirl 2 1
"I know, I know, I'm so sorry." Frank gently squeezed Till's hand after lacing their fingers, frowning as his body tensed from the deep coughs rattling his chest.
"It's my own fault." Till rasped, squeezing his eyes shut and wincing as the stings subsided and he settled into the pillows against his back.
"You quit three years ago." Frank lifted their joined hands, attempting a kiss at the back of Till's and frowning as the singer gently tugged his arm back. "Don't be like that."
"And? How should I be?"
"I don't know. But you shouldn't be angry at me." Frank let his hand go, frowning and tucking the blankets under his legs more securely to better trap his body heat.
Pause. "I'm not angry at you," Till admitted, frowning as Frank fussed over him and sighing while staring up at the ceiling. "I'm tired, I shouldn't be taking it out on you."
"I shouldn't be riling you up." Frank refilled the cup by the bed, perking his brows as he offered it out to Till.
"Thank you." Till carefully held the
:iconedgirl:Edgirl 7 5
"I have a sister, of course I've worn a dress before."
"Did you enjoy it?" Till asked, brows arched in casual curiousity as he tipped more of his beer back.
"To an extent. It was summer, hot. The material breathed well and was comfortable." Christoph finished his beer, putting the bottle down and shrugging, "I don't have any problems admitting it. It gave Constance a laugh, so I really don't care."
"Why, you've never worn one?"
"Not until the Kerrang shoot, the pantyhose were a bitch." Till snorted, finishing the bottle and putting it down next to Christoph's. "You seemed to handle it alright."
"Having a sister, Mein Teil, being fairly resilient. All contributing factors." Christoph shrugged again, shifting in his seat to face Till. "Is there a reason for picking my brain?"
"We're just talking, I was curious." Till shrugged with a soft chuckle as he perked his eyebrows. "Not being too sensitive are we?"
"No, you're up to something." Christoph smiled, getting up to go
:iconedgirl:Edgirl 5 9
Wine me, Dine me
Till frowned as he looked at the closed apartment door, tilting his head with an expression of concern as Richard swore from inside. Something was wrong.
"Richard?" Till asked after opening the door, frowning as the sound of domestic clatter came from the kitchen.
"You're early!" Richard sounded flustered.
"Tut mir leid, I can go if it's a b-"
"No, it's fine. Go sit at the table, I'll be just a minute." Richard briskly walked out of the kitchen, a white apron tied on over his black slacks and button up shirt before he threw his arms around Till's neck with a quick kiss.
"Alright." Till smiled, kissing back and tilting his head fondly. "I like this."
"I hope you like everything else."
Till sat at the table, smiling as he took in the dark red cloth, two places set with gold rimmed white china. Richard clattered briefly about the kitchen again, making Till wonder what he was up to. The singer understood he hadn't been the easiest to get along with the past four months, not with str
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Pick-up Artists
"Careful, Risch." Till smiled, keeping his arm wrapped around Richard's waist as they stumbled back toward their flat from their endeavors of the evening.
"I'm sleepy."
"We're almost home."
"Carry me?" Richard was pouting, leaning heavily against the singer and looping his arms around the top of his left shoulder to drape across his chest.
"Aren't you a bit too old for that?" The singer sighed at the look he was receiving from the younger man, shaking his head, "Oh, you're positively wretched. Alright. Come here."
Richard's face lit up as he gleefully leapt into his arms, wrapping his own around Till's shoulders before he settled down and kept still.
Till stumbled briefly, laughing at the eagerness of his lead guitarist before playfully hefting him up, "I've spoiled you."
"That's your own fault."
"I know." Till smiled as Richard put his head down against his chest, the spikes of his black hair tickling under his chin from the slight rocking motion every step made. The walk ba
:iconedgirl:Edgirl 22 8
"Till...?" Richard rasped out a sigh, slumping back into the pillows in his room of their shared flat with a feverish groan.
"Morning, Rich- Lieber Gott, you look wretched." Till quickly put his notebook down on the dresser, going straight to the bed and frowning as he put the back of his hand to Richard's forehead, "You're warm."
"Morning to you too," Richard frowned up at Till around his arm, "I don't feel good."
"I don't imagine you would, I'll be back with some tea. Stay in bed." Till frowned and tucked Richard tightly into the covers, gently smoothing his hair back before snatching his notebook and exiting into the kitchen.
"We were supposed to go to the park today." Richard pout as Till tucked him into the blankets, watching the singer leave and snuggling in.
"I know, I'm sorry Risch. It's going to have to wait. Save your voice, please." Till called from the kitchen, the sounds of domestic clattering following before the kettle started to whistle not too long after.
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Vision im Spiegel - 01
Vision im Spiegel (Part 1) - A 'Silence' Sequel
Pairing: Till/Richard
Reading 'Silence' would be a good idea before this one; but even if you don't, it's specifically written so that it can be enjoyed as a simple Till/Richard romance. But I would recommend it so the full impact gets through.
The department store is busy as always, even in the height of a Berlin midsummer; young girls in skirts and tight tops and men wearing shorts are everywhere to be found amidst the bustling crowd. And yet it is not a disruptive kind of liveliness; no one is fighting over goods or talking in an overtly loud voice, and the food courts are only half-full, people going about their business in a brisk and efficient manner.
It is this kind of crowded atmosphere that Richard Kruspe has sorely missed during his time in New York. "Danke," he says to a vendor who's just sold him a plain, but particularly nice Café frappé; he sips at the coffee as he
:iconphilosonica:philosonica 21 9
Creepy Mein Teil: Schneider by Winered-Angel Creepy Mein Teil: Schneider :iconwinered-angel:Winered-Angel 36 13
'Silence' has a sequel + Thanks to all
It's half past ten in the morning and I'm happy. I am. I'm happy for a lot of things.
I think my visa application was successful this time and that I am able to go to England. There is that 3% of doubt of course so I'm not cheering a huge amount just yet, but the email I received from the authorities does seem to indicate that it was successful. It's worded differently to the one I got last time. So I'm happy about that.
So I got thinking. And thought of all the people who offered me a place to stay and some monetary support should things in England go terribly pear-shaped. People all thousands of miles away from where I am now, people who I have never met in real person, and people who have never even heard me speak in reality - all being supportive and offering their kindness, all for a Korean girl who really just writes fanfiction and wanders about the Rammstein fandom day after day. I'm used to travelling away from my birth country and back, a distance of halfway across the world,
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For DojoundMolin by raaawwwwr83 For DojoundMolin :iconraaawwwwr83:raaawwwwr83 120 69 REVOVOVO by DidaLee REVOVOVO :icondidalee:DidaLee 27 3 Mein Land Shirt by thessias Mein Land Shirt :iconthessias:thessias 29 22
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