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"Till...?" Richard rasped out a sigh, slumping back into the pillows in his room of their shared flat with a feverish groan.

"Morning, Rich- Lieber Gott, you look wretched." Till quickly put his notebook down on the dresser, going straight to the bed and frowning as he put the back of his hand to Richard's forehead, "You're warm."

"Morning to you too," Richard frowned up at Till around his arm, "I don't feel good."

"I don't imagine you would, I'll be back with some tea. Stay in bed." Till frowned and tucked Richard tightly into the covers, gently smoothing his hair back before snatching his notebook and exiting into the kitchen.

"We were supposed to go to the park today." Richard pout as Till tucked him into the blankets, watching the singer leave and snuggling in.

"I know, I'm sorry Risch. It's going to have to wait. Save your voice, please." Till called from the kitchen, the sounds of domestic clattering following before the kettle started to whistle not too long after.

Richard closed his eyes, hearing Till moving through the apartment (after mild swearing and more domestic clatter) before his lips bent into a smile on the soft knocks coming to his door. Till was standing there with a steaming mug of tea and looking almost apologetically at him.

"I'm awake." Richard dragged himself to sit up, wincing slightly and reaching out to take the hot tea.

"You talk too much," Till soothed, sitting on the edge of the bed and carefully handing him the mug, "I'll run a few errands after you get a bath in, soup for dinner."

"Someone has to be the chatterbox. Danke, Till." Richard sipped from the mug after blowing lightly on it, smiling after getting a swallow and looking much more at ease, "You added extra honey."

"You don't have to thank me, Risch, you know that. And lemon. Back in a minute." Till kissed the top of his head, rubbing between his shoulders before getting off the bed and heading for the bathroom.

Richard drained the last of the tea, putting the mug down on the nightstand before grinning as Till came back into the room, "What?"

"Bath's ready. C'mere," Till smiled and wrapped an arm around Richard's shoulders, wedging his arm into the covers and hooking him behind the knees, "can't have you walking on the cold floor."

"Carrying me and everything, Till you're being so sweet. I wish I could say I would do the same for you if you were in my spot, but-"

"Enough, Richard. I know, it's fine. I need to start exercising and eating properly again." Till smiled and carried him into the bathroom, standing him on the fluffy bath mat and stripping him out of his shirt, "You can go back to bed after this and another cup of tea."

"That's not what I meant." Richard quietly complained, lifting his arms when he was beckoned to and sighing as the faintly cool air crept across his heated skin, "I'm just not strong enough."

"Enough. Save your voice,'re going to need it later so you can tell me what kind of soup you want. You're being very difficult today, Risch." Till deftly stripped the guitarist's pants off, quirking his brows on seeing no boxers before shaking his head and helping him down into the hot bath.

Richard stayed quiet as he lowered himself into the tub with Till's help, feeling his muscles turning to jam from the hot water as he was eased down and a towel was propped behind his head. Till smiled at him, picking up the thick sea sponge off the counter and squeezing it just under the surface to wet it down, "Try not to fall asleep on me, can't have you slipping further into the tub."

"Hmph." was the only thing Richard could think to say, and seemed to be the only thing he could get away with without exerting his voice too much.

Till started to gently wet his neck, using the sponge to massage and soothe with its wet heat from the bath before lathering it with some of Richard's honey scented body wash. Richard arched into the touch, a lazy grin stretching across his face as Till washed down his arms with tender, circular strokes and left white lather in the sponge's wake. Till's touch was warm and full of love; Richard could feel it even through the fever, the hot bath, the soap, and the sponge itself.

"Good?" Till asked, brows rising faintly as he re-lathered the sponge and rubbed soothing circles down Richard's chest.

"Mmhm. Love you Till," Richard sighed, resting his head against the singer's shoulder as he was washed, "m'so happy I get you like this."

"Like what?" Till smiled, gently picking up Richard's right leg after carefully positioning him back against the tub.

"So gentle. Different on stage." Richard found himself dozing as he was propped back up, squirming weakly from Till hitting a ticklish spot on his leg.

"Oh, that." Till shrugged, smiling as he deftly circled around Richard's knee and shin. "It happens, I suppose. The whole stage thing... byproduct of music and all that."

Richard rolled his eyes despite them being closed, letting out a soft snort as Till grabbed his foot and scrubbed the bottom without bravado, trying to be businesslike and not tickle as much.

"Stoppit," Richard quietly complained, fighting down more giggles as his left foot was snatched and washed quickly, "you did that on purpose."

"I did no such thing. There, feet are done at least. Chicken and vegetable soup alright for dinner?" Till asked, holding Richard's left leg by the ankle and washing in lazy, lavished circles.

"Mhm...danke, Till."

"Bitte." Till smiled at how lazy Richard looked, finishing up with his leg before putting it back into the water. "Back in a minute. Stay put."

Richard cracked one of his eyes open, bending his lips into a smile as Till left a light kiss against his temple before retreating into his bedroom.

I'm so long have we been together officially? A year already? As soon as I'm better I need to do something for him. I should take him to that spa Annie mentioned-

A soft click followed by a beep drew Richard out of his thoughts, seeing Till fussing with the towel warmer that had been a Christmas present from Christoph.

"There, in five minutes we'll have you out of the tub and back in bed." Till sat on the edge of the bath, smoothing Richard's hair back and looking contentedly down at him, "I won't be gone long, just going down the street. I'll take my bike instead of fussing with the car."

"'Kay...I feel better already." Richard smiled sleepily up at Till, lazily resting his head against the singer's heavy hand and sighing slightly; wincing as he turned away and coughed dryly into his elbow.

"Not quite. I'm going to make you another cup of tea; by the time I get back, the towel should be done." Till kissed the top of his head, rubbing his back faintly before going back into the kitchen.

Richard was pouting, sniffling slightly as he heard the same domestic racket as before. This would have been quite a shock for their fans, seeing the Till Lindemann that growled aggressively on stage at a show "playing house" and being extremely tender. That was stage Till, this was the Till Richard fell in love with when he knew the singer as a basket weaver, drummer, and father to a precious little girl that he grew to love like his own. But after the crowds were gone and they were alone after a shower, his Till came back to him. His inexplicably shy, loving, sweet Till that he shared so much with. Richard smiled wryly, knowing full well that despite the differences in persona sometimes the beast from the stage wandered home with him. Those were the nights that Till would squirm against him in their bed, murmuring softly with the occasional grind of his hips against the guitarist; asserting his need with soft nibbles, heated kisses and roaming hands. Richard could almost feel Till's hands on him again, rubbing down his sides and leaving soft shivers in their wake. The beep of the towel heater yanked him out of his fantasy, nearly making him slip in the tub and lose his pillow/towel as his hands fumbled to grab for the edges of the clawfoot style bath. Richard blushed at the memories, sighing out his nose as he tried to ignore them since arousal would do nothing for his cold. Till walked by the bathroom with a small tub in his hand, looking curiously at the guitarist as he sat the container on the counter and opened the towel warmer.

"You okay? The bath make you too warm?"

"M'fine," Richard offered hoarsely, swallowing and giving Till a bashful smile, "throat's dry."

"Well, your tea is done, it's still on the stove staying hot. Here." Till popped the plug in the drain, smiling as he moved the towel from behind Richard's head and helped the guitarist stand.

Richard reluctantly moved with Till, blushing slightly as his knees wobbled from the sudden shift in his blood drawing more attention to his neglected erection. Till just perked his eyebrows at him, grinning coyly before pulling the fluffy black towel out of the hot basin, "I would offer to help you but I don't want to catch your cold."

"Bath felt really good." Richard gratefully stepped into the towel, snuggling back against Till's chest as the singer wrapped the towel and his arms over his shoulders to enclose him in a warm hug.

"I can see that." Till chuckled and kissed the side of his head, nuzzling briefly at his temple and starting to rub him down. "I put some pyjamas in the towel heater too, you're not getting in the bed all cold."

"You're going to spoil me."

"Your point is?" Till smiled and grabbed the pants out of the heater, gently shaking the wrinkles out and helping Richard step into them.

The warm flannel felt like heaven against his skin, the button up top quickly following as the guitarist lazed against Till's hands while they fixed all but the top two buttons closed.

"You missed these." Richard reached to do up the last two buttons, blinking on Till gently batting his hands down after picking the tub on the counter up.

"No, those were on purpose." Till smeared some of the contents onto his fingers, rubbing his chest after resting his hand inside the folds of fabric. Richard inhaled the best he could through his nose, sniffling slightly before realizing it was vapor rub. Till closed the buttons after he was done, wiping his hand on his jeans before scooping the guitarist up and carrying him back into the bedroom.

"Oh." Richard felt like he was going to pass out from having to put up such little effort, almost melting into the covers as Till tucked him in.

"I'm going to get your tea and go to the store. Get some sleep while I'm cooking dinner, alright?" Till smoothed his hair out of his face, leaving a tender kiss on his forehead before exiting to the kitchen.

"M'kay." Richard closed his eyes on the kiss, sniffling again and catching the vapor rub's scent, though this time it was a bit stronger than before. Till returned with tea, as promised, leaving it on his nightstand and making sure he was tucked securely into the blankets.

"Be back soon."

"Iloveyou," Richard slurred, blearily opening his eyes and giving him a dazed smile.

"Love you too. Now get some sleep." Till pulled the door closed after clicking the light off, shaking his head as he grabbed his keys and felt a slight smile tugging across his face as he left their shared flat.
THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. I do NOT own Rammstein (as awesome as that would be, you can't own people and this is a good thing) and I really mean no offense to them.

This is a one shot of Fluff, mindless fluff that needed to bewritten because I'm working on a heavier topic. Till/Richard, living together and someone got himself a cold. Warning for vomit-inducing mushiness.

This is my third Edit, I'm an idiot and I forgot to thank the LOVELY and super talented :iconkimbk: for being my editor and fixing my punctuation mistakes. You should probably go read her stuff, because she's one of the reasons I started writing Rammfiction.


This fiction was inspired by this story [link] . I wanted to deviate from it, but if you feel that this is close enough to be considered plagarism please PM me, I'll stash this fic, re-write it, delete the dev in question and re-submit it with the reasons why.
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I can safely say this is an adorable Tillchard fanfiction. You had great description though it was more of Till's caretaking than Richard feeling ill, but the overall pampering that Richard gets from Till makes up for that.

The light banter that goes between the two is cute, and I like how Richard compares stage Till to home Till. The reader is able to see how sharply the two contrast, gives Till a realistic feel as a man.

I will say the story was quite similar to the inspiration, but you can only write about someone being sick and being taken care of so many different ways. Besides that, it was truly a fluffy Tillchard and for that I am happy.

I look forward to more fanfics from you. :heart:
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Elixa-Carr Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
:heart: I love this, fluff or not.
Edgirl Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I'm glad you did. It was a fun bit to write - I'm a big fan of one shots and trying to play with word limits even though I have been -really- slow lately. =)
Elixa-Carr Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
:) One shots are fun. I need to try my hand at fanfics again, they're the ice cream of literature.
Livvia-Norsk-Goddess Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist
*melts into pile of goo*
Edgirl Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I'm so sorry that I didn't respond to this comment ;_;

Thank you for the read and comment - I haven't been producing much but I hope to honestly change that soon. I'm very glad you enjoyed!!!
thessias Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
it was really sweet, I enjoyed reading about caring, sensitive Till. Good job :clap:
Edgirl Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you :heart: Till is more than just a handsome face and a growling voice. :meow:
thessias Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :heart: and yes you're right :)
AvengingAngel6661 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It was so sweet! :clap: I loved it (:
Edgirl Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you, I finished it surprisingly fast. I guess I needed the break from my other writing project =) Glad you enjoyed it!
RMRZK Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist
That was so sweet! :3
Edgirl Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hence why I warned for vomit-inducing mushiness, which I feel like I should have put in the beginning. Ah well, you live and learn. Glad you enjoyed
Rammstein-Kruspe Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This was adorable! I really enjoyed reading it. :meow: Well done! :iconclapplz:
Edgirl Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I'm glad you enjoyed it, everyone's so used to Till being "stage Till" I thought a softer side might be a better show.
Rammstein-Kruspe Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
And indeed it was. :) :iconclapplz:
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